The Fire Suppression team is responsible for the proper use, maintenance and testing of fire extinguishers in all facilities. This includes water truck training as well as conducting inspections on a regular basis.

You have to understand the different types of fires, including those involving electrical arcs, petroleum products, cooking oils and grease. Learn how to properly use different types of extinguishers for each type of fire.

Fire Extinguishing Agents

There are many types of fire extinguishing agents that can be used to put out fires. These include water, foam, dry chemicals and CO2. Learn how they work and when they should be used.

Fire extinguishers and water trucks are two of the most important pieces of equipment in any fire department. In order to operate these vehicles safely and effectively, it is necessary for all members to get truck driver training to drive it professionally.

water truck training

Alarm Systems & Fire Detection Equipment

In order to protect your facility from a fire incident you need to have an alarm system installed in each area where people are working or living. These alarms should be tested regularly to ensure they are working properly and sounding when needed during an emergency situation such as a fire breakout.

It is also important that you have proper detection equipment installed throughout your building so that when an alarm sounds it can be quickly located by responding personnel or security guards who may be patrolling at night while everyone else is sleeping soundly in their beds upstairs!

The compulsion of training to use water tank

Fire truck training is essential for all members of your fire department, as it will help them understand how to operate the vehicle safely and effectively. It will also help ensure that everyone knows what their responsibilities are during a fire.

Training for this kind of vehicle is also important because it ensures that all personnel know how to use the truck correctly so that they can deliver water where it is needed most. This type of training should be conducted annually or semi-annually depending on company policy and local laws or regulations regarding vehicle maintenance requirements


The best way to get yourself qualified as a truck driver is to take our course and water truck training will teach you how to operate a truck safely and effectively, how to operate a fire hose, and how to use an extinguisher. It can help reduce the risk of injury and save lives if there’s a fire in your workplace.

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