A wireless Samsung charger NZ is a crucial accessory for specific Qi-enabled mobile phones in 2024. Experts advise all Samsung phone owners to switch to this form of charging for understandable reasons.

This write-up will reveal notable reasons to adopt wireless charging this year,

5 Compelling Reasons to Get a Wireless Samsung Charger NZ

  • For security reasons

Unknown to many, a wireless Samsung charger NZ guarantees the safety of your data during phone charging. Unfortunately, a wired phone charger can expose you to data theft because cyber thieves can load malware onto the USB, jeopardizing your confidential information.

  • Compatibility

Unlike a wired charger, this phone accessory is ideal for various phone models, including iPhones. You can count on the same charging pad (wireless) for different smartphones.

  • Highly convenient

The beauty of this smartphone accessory is that you only attach the phone with the charging pad.

  • To avoid overcharging your smartphone

A wireless charger shuts off once your smartphone battery reaches 100 percent (%). Therefore, you don’t have to worry about overheating because it might trigger a meltdown.

  • Charging multiple devices

A few wireless chargers allow you to charge various devices like a smartwatch and a smartphone.

Must Phone Owners Remove a Phone Case to Use a Wireless Samsung Charger NZ?

No, they don’t! A phone owner does not have to remove the case, provided its thickness is up to 3 millimeters (mm). However, you may have to remove items, such as your identity or credit card if you hide them there.

What’s the Process of Using a Wireless Samsung Charge NZ?

Technically, a smartphone owner does have to set up their wireless charger or mobile phone to try out this modern phone charging method.

You only have to plug this charger into a power source, and then place your Samsung phone onto this charger.

How to Get Top-grade Samsung Accessories in NZ

Customers should identify a licensed dealer to purchase original Samsung accessories NZ, such as phone cases, wireless chargers, and screen protectors. Secondly,  navigate the site to the customer feedback section to see past buyers’ reviews and ratings.


In brief, a wireless Samsung charger NZ is more portable because you don’t have to carry long USB cables around. Therefore, you can move around with this phone accessory to a restaurant, office, or conference room. Fortunately, these chargers are relatively affordable when one purchases them online.